What we talk about when we don’t talk about Covid.

Benedikt Sebastian
4 min readJan 31, 2022
Let’s Talk!

“Can we please not talk about Covid, it is twenty two already. We’ve talked about the Rona for two fucking years.” Or something along those lines smashes into conversations at every get-together at roundabout forty minutes. Give or take. Some chat superman (or woman) always brings it up, usually very impressed with themselves.

Then someone else follows with something like “it feels like five years or so, right?” To which everyone ardently agrees. And not long after that, another person chimes in with “Everyone’s got Covid fatigue, please can we just shut the fuck up about it already, it’s like a bad relationship.” Nods and murmurs of agreement.


Not awkward silence mind you, because after all, everyone is really, really, really tired of having the same conversation constantly regurgitated everywhere they go. Rona, Corona, Covidiot, Morona, Lock D, Spreadneck and the list goes on, and on, and on. Did I mention Flu bro? “It’s just the flu, bro.”

So now everyone is contemplating some other grand subject. Who will break the ice? Who will be the adventurer who tackles new unexplored territories of deep meaningful conversation that ventures far away from the perilous Corona waters. But you can’t escape it. It’s all around us. If the Miley Cyrus (UK slang for coronavirus) doesn’t get you, the #CORONASPEAK will.

Nails are chewed, drinks are poured, the music is changed, a snack is stuffed into some hungry mouth. The stage is set and the limelight is flickering.

Someone wants to lead with this crazy event they went to. Where the most annoying or maybe interesting thing that happened to them, involved an encounter with security about masks and tests or vaccines or simply the proximity of people. “Fuck the system, it was packed, we were all over each other, shouting and dancing and moshing and spitting, it was insane! Didn’t get Covid, it doesn’t exist. The earth is flat” Instead they keep quiet, because you never know, someone might not approve of their wild Covid-contesting lifestyle. Could lead with life as a functional alcoholic, but it is Covid related, so never mind.

What about the one who wants to share their exciting travel story. The one where they had to be tested two hours…

Benedikt Sebastian

Multidisciplinary creative and polymath, Benedikt Sebastian is a storyteller and comedian who creates for multiple mediums.